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We simplify your message with explainer video

External communication

Provide us with the info about your company or product and we’ll tell it to the world in a short scribe video.

Internal communication

Our videos help communicate the why, how and what, to ensure you hold a smooth presentation to your colleagues.

Zoaring's external and internal communication

Some of the companies we enjoy working with

Zoaring customers


We’ve listed some of the most popular ways of using the scribe format

Products and services

Present in an engaging way

Explain your value offer in an instant and spend the rest of the time selling to your customers.

Laerdal Medical Company information

Company information

Let the world know what you do

Present your company in a fun and engaging way to boost your sales and market presence.

Hjem Jobb Hjem Products and Services

Social case studies

Explain what you stand for

Scribe videos are great for explaining complicated social issues in an easy and understandable way.

Fretex Social case study

Onboarding process

Get employees up to speed

Welcome new employees with explainer videos and get them up to speed fast.

Bertel O. Steen Onboarding

Company culture

Integrate effortlessly

We have extensive experience designing processes and producing explainer videos to strengthen company culture, vision and values.

Aktiv Company culture

Change management

Implement more efficiently

Scribe videos are great for explaining the implementation of new operations, structures, and technology in your company.

Telecomputing Change management


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Experts in explaining

We are experts in explaining the most complex ideas and making them understandable. As true storytellers, we distill the essence from the information overload to create an engaging learning experience.

Hand-drawn scribe

Our portfolio is diverse — IT startups, big corporations and governmental institutions. For each unique hand-drawn scribe video, we carefully select the right illustrator, voiceover and music to increase the learning efficiency.

Tested and proven process

It’s crucial for us to have close contact with every client. That’s why we’ve developed an efficient production process that provides you with a high quality video in only 4 weeks!

Request pricing

We have fixed prices tailored to your project.

Let us deliver a fixed price quote to your mailbox within 24 hours. Totally free and with no strings attached.