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Wavetrain — Telling a technical story

Working with a new client is always interesting. We don’t know the people nor the outcome of the project. That’s why the first creative meeting always come out as intense, with all the info we’re trying to understand in a short meeting.

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Technic Tommy — Episode 2

Technic Tommy is an ongoing series of safety videos made for Vestteknikk. How to communicate a serious topic in a humorus way? Technic Tommy shows you how!

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Laerdal Medical - QCPR

How to simplify an important and even life-saving exercise in 3 minutes? Watch «Save with Six» and see how its done with videoscribbling and animation.

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Equine Fusion Case Study

Equine Fusion makes modern shoes for modern horses. They came to Zoaring in need of explaining the missing development of traditional horse footwear, and why there is a need for a better solution.

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Avantor case study

Avantor is a real estate agency based in Oslo. They came to Zoaring wanting to change people’s perception about the area Nydalen in Oslo. Most people were under the impression that Nydalen was far away, hard to get to and that there was nothing going on out there. Of course, with trendy Nydalen growing as never before, this is far from the truth. With a Zoaring movie, they wanted to show people that this was nothing but a myth.

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Vinmonopolet case study

Vinmonopolet is the Norwegian alcoholic beverage retailer, and the only company allowed to sell beverages containing an alcohol content higher than 4.75% i Norway. They have a quite complex purchasing process and different product ranges, which is challenging to communicate in a simple and efficient way. They wanted to see if a videoscribble could do the job.

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