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Public sector: Our 6 latest explainer videos

Public sector: Our 6 latest explainer videos 1920 1080 Zoaring

Explainer videos, whether scribe videos or animations, have proven to be very successful when explaining complex ideas, concepts or changes in the public sector. They are often used to present the work of governmental institutions, engage residents, and spread the word about public services. We have many good partners in the public sector — Stavanger kommune, Sandnes kommune, Oslo kommune, NOKUT, Innovation Norway, Utdanningsetaten, Akershus fylkeskommune, to name a few. Here are some of our latest projects:

Stavanger kommune — Methods and tools (Video in Norwegian)

This short explainer video was produced for Stavanger kommune. Its primary objective was to explain what tools employees of the municipality can use to involve Stavanger residents and businesses in their projects. The story is built around a hypothetical situation. The production process for this film was quite straightforward — three rounds of storyboards, voiceover with a Stavanger dialect and jolly music in the background. This film was made as inspiration and motivation for the public sector.

Sandnes kommune — Nytt rådhus (Video in Norwegian)

Sandnes kommune is soon moving into a new town hall that will allow municipality employees to provide better and faster services to its residents, local businesses and guests. The relocation will also change the way municipality employees work. Therefore, Sandnes kommune wanted to make a film to prepare the employees for the upcoming change, and inform residents about the new location and the benefits that come with it.

The storyline illustrates the advantages of the new working areas — open clusters, social zones, focus rooms and meeting rooms, and the possible ways of using these creative architectural solutions. The production process of this video consisted of three storyboard rounds. The illustrations have a neutral drawing style that would appeal to the general public, while an artist with a local dialect did the voiceover.  

Oslo kommune — 17th of May (Video in Norwegian)

The celebration of the National Day in Norway is unique for its children parades, which happen all over the country. The longest parade — more than 100,000 participants — takes place in Oslo.

This is a one-of-a-kind public holiday, but every year the organisers faced the same obstacle… Parents and parade observers often crossed the road during the parade to take pictures of their kids, or simply to shorten their route to meet their friends. People had little respect for the railing and jumped over them to save time. Such crossings tampered with the flow of the parade and made it difficult for the children to follow.

To shine a light on the issue, the Norwegian Ministry of Education contacted us to make a video that explained the consequences of such behavior and encouraged respect for the effort of the participants.

The creative team was up to the challenge. It’s a well-known fact that people usually poorly respond to bans and prohibitions. That’s why the team decided to use humour in the narration and drawings to resonate with the audience.

The production process consisted of three rounds of storyboards. In order to emphasise the message, we chose an illustrator who has a cartoonish drawing style to make the video festive and playful. The movie was drawn in the spirit of the 17th of May — bright, colourful and fun. When it comes to the voiceover, it was done by a theatre actress, who has a neutral dialect, but much character.

Subtitles were also added to the video since the Ministry showed the scribe video on repeat on the main screen of Rådhusplassen throughout the day. 

Akershus Fylkeskommune — Oppfølging av lærling i bedrift (Video in Norwegian)Many businesses are eager to bring an intern on their team, but how does the company make sure that the intern can plan, implement, evaluate and document his/her work throughout the internship? Akershus fylkeskommune wanted to make a video that would encourage companies to hire interns and explain what this process entails. The target audience for the film are supervisors, who are in charge of onboarding and guiding an intern throughout the internship. 

Innovation Norway — “Virkemiddelkameratene i Rogaland” (Video in Norwegian)

This explainer video focuses on what tools company founders, established businesses, and public entities in the Rogaland region can use to develop new products and services. The video gives numerous situations on how these companies can utilise the support of organisations such as Innovation Norway, Skape, Regionalt forskningsfond Vestlandet, VRI, and the county governors.

The project manager and illustrator worked closely together to find situations that the target audience can easily relate to. The voiceover for this video has been done by an artist with a Rogaland dialect.  


NOKUT’s main responsibility is to oversee education entities in Norway and ensure that the quality of education that they provide corresponds with the national standards. In addition, NOKUT approves education received abroad. The video below had the objective to explain how this is done. It was important to illustrate that through their work, they help the community be confident in the candidate’s competence, whether they are educated in Norway or abroad.

Symbolism is often used in the illustrations to support the manuscript. The drawings themselves are made in a rather playful style. The video was translated into English since the target audience is foreigners living and working in Norway.

If you are working in the public sector, whether developing or improving services in education or healthcare, or implementing change, a short 3-minute explainer video could be the right communication tool for you. 

At Zoaring, we help explain complex concepts or processes in a simple way. Different formats, such as scribe videos or animations, make the learning experience efficient and engaging. For every project, our creative team simplifies information, writes an engaging narrative, develops art design as well as oversees the production, which is mostly done in-house. Having made explainer videos for more than 300 businesses and municipalities in Norway, we have the simplification expertise and insight needed to create an explainer video.

Get in touch if you are considering improving your communication — an engaging explainer video opens many doors. 

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