IT solutions and software: 5 latest explainer videos


IT solutions and software: 5 latest explainer videos

IT solutions and software: 5 latest explainer videos 1920 1080 Zoaring

You might know that the average attention span of your audience has decreased drastically in the last decade and that it is often compared to one of a goldfish. According to the statistics, approximately 17% of the people reading this blog post will click away in less than 4 seconds. However, if the content was presented in the form of a video instead of text, your attention span would increase. For this reason, marketers all over the world are integrating videos into their marketing strategy, and IT companies are not an exception.

Videos that explain IT solutions and how software works have some distinct characteristics. They often contain industry-specific terminology, focus on extensive and complex processes supported by hard data, and address the features of the product/service instead of the solution. When we produce explainer videos for our clients in the IT sector, we strive to create a compelling story that resonates with the target audience, explains the “why?” of the product and encourages the audience to take action. 

Here are some of our latest projects for the IT industry:

Vince XL

Vince is an active player in the M3 market with competence in M3 consulting, usability and architecture. One of their main products is Vince Excel, a software used in sales, supply chain and accounting to handle and maintain all the relevant data in one Excel sheet on top of an ERP. The software allows you to import the data from ERP, edit in Excel and export the edits straight to the point. Such data-related topics can be quite dry and difficult to explain and comprehend. The topics containing many technical terms are especially tricky to work with.

The company wanted to make an explainer video that would convey the benefits of using Vince XL in an easy and engaging way. This film was used for sales presentations, on the web, and as a part of a social media campaign.

The pre-production process started with a creative meeting, where the creative team was briefed on the topic and given an information overload. After the creative meeting, the project leader got to work:

  • Three rounds of storyboards
  • Chose the right illustrator
  • Selected the appropriate voiceover artist and music

The main objective was to find the right balance between too much and too little information. The scribe was supposed to serve as a teaser, providing enough information to make the topic understandable, but not too much, to keep the suspense. There were certain specifics to the narrative and the visuals:

  • We used of a real-life example, which allowed the viewer to take the user’s perspective and understand the core principle of Vince XL.
  • We described the advantages of using the software without going too much into details and over-complicating the narrative.
  • We played on symbolism and allegories (i.e., “cheetah” resembles speed, elegance, and endurance; “jungle leaves” correspond with Excel sheets, etc.).
  • Illustrations were made in a playful drawing style to bring the entertainment factor into play.
  • The voice-over artist had an American accent — Zoaring works with voiceover artists, who speak various languages, accents and dialects to find the perfect match that will support the narrative, the illustrations, and the music.

Wellbarrier — “Managing Risk for Wells”

Wellbarrier AS is the developer of the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool, a software that helps engineers standardise the process of documenting how the oil wells are safeguarded. The companies main focus is:

  • Providing a secure environment wherever there are oil and gas activities.
  • Giving the engineers a powerful tool that helps them efficiently deliver a high quality job.
  • Support industry standards and influence best practice within the area.

Altogether, we have produced three explainer videos for Wellbarrier AS. The film “Managing risk for wells” was part of the recent parallel production. 

The primary objective of the video was to illustrate how the software helps engineers evaluate the actual condition of the wells, assess the risk and its consequences as well as make it possible to prioritise what needs to be done. The narrative explains the challenges of the current situation and shines a light on the benefits of assessing risk with the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool and how it can be used to rank the risk of the oil wells.

This video is a classic example of a complex software explained in an engaging way, something we specialise in at Zoaring. The main challenge in creating this video laid in finding the right level of detail to include in the narrative to make the story interesting for the target audience.

Geodata — Skydrift

Geodata is the market leader in Norway in the field of geographic data and technology used in both the public and private sectors. They work towards simplifying processes and visualize complex data, so that their users can make better decisions. One of their services — Geodata Skydrift — is a cloud solution that is cost-effective, secure, and scalable.

Geodata wanted to make a video that would summarise the advantages of using Geodata Skydrift — scalability, 24/7 support, cost-efficiency and flexibility. The creative team used funny non-industry-specific scenarios to explain what businesses could benefit from using this cloud service, namely a trip planner for the skiing association, pizza delivery service, and a company developing cat trackers. This was done to make sure that the target audience could easily relate to the story. The illustrations, which are playful, fun and engaging, strongly support the narrative. 

Telecomputing — Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack by Telecomputing is a cloud service, which has both the openness and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, but is situated in local data centers in Sweden or Norway. The video targets companies that are concerned by the challenges of moving critical data outside of Norway and Sweden. 

The storyline focuses on the advantages of using Azure Stack, such as speed and performance, but most specifically, security. The video is rather short — one and a half minutes long. Due to the geographic distribution, the video has been translated to Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Agder Energi — ae@work

In spring 2017, Agder Energi, the leading Norwegian power company, decided to start using Workplace by Facebook as its new internal communication tool. The company wanted to make a video explaining the benefits of using the new communication software — such as exchange of knowledge and experience among individuals, departments and professional fields as well as the possibility to engage in discussions and suggest improvements. 

The concept was called ae@work. Since the software is very similar to Facebook, it was crucial that the narrative reminded employees to be professional, gave examples on how ae@work could be used, and what content was appropriate to publish. The illustrations are done in a playful style but with few bright colors, making the visuals clean and straightforward. The voice-over is done internally by Agder Energi.

If you are developing a new software or implementing an IT solution in your company, a short 3-minute explainer video could be the right communication tool for you.

At Zoaring, we help explain complex concepts or processes in a simple way. Different formats, such as scribe videos or animations, make the learning experience efficient and engaging. For every project, our creative team simplifies information, writes an engaging narrative, develops art design as well as oversees the production, which is mostly done in-house. Having made explainer videos for more than 300 businesses and governmental entities in Norway, we have the simplification expertise and insight needed to create an explainer video.

Get in touch if you are considering improving your communication — an engaging explainer video opens many doors. 

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