How to simplify information with explainer video: The Zoaring Style

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How to simplify information with explainer video: The Zoaring Style

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In our eyes, explainer videos are a communication tool. It is the final result of cooperation with our customers. Whereas, simplicity and engagement are the main objectives in creating an explainer video that can be used for presenting a product or service, strengthening a brand, building a strong culture within a company and engaging with new or existing clients. For this reason, the process of simplification at Zoaring makes up for two-thirds of the production of an explainer video.  

Do you what to know how to simplify information?

Here is what the Zoaring’s simplification process consists of:

The Zoaring Style

Information overload

Our customer comes to us with a complex product, service or process that they want the world to know about. Their main goal is either to explain the value of their offer, visualise a social cause that they burn for, define their company’s mission, vision and values, or clarify the changes that they are implementing in the company. Simply put — they want to engage with their target group and make their message understood. 

In order to make a successful animated explainer video that would reach these goals, we need to understand their offer — we need to dig deep. During the first creative meeting, we ask the customer to present us the topic and give all the information that they have concerning the subject. We call this process “information overload”. We need to know as much as possible.

We have been on the video-production market for over six years, delivered over 600 projects, where we helped simplify communication for more than 300 clients in various industries. Be sure, we have insight into your industry. Here are the latest videos we have made explaining smart city solutions and some newest projects for our clients in the for the energy sector

Information overload

Distribution channels

It is also crucial for us to know where the explainer video is going to be used — presentation, social media, website, company’s intranet, etc. This information influences many aspects of the production process, including the length of the video.

On such social media channels as Facebook and Instagram, you have only a few seconds to attract the attention of the viewer. The viewer’s time is precious. Therefore, the explainer video should not be longer than 1 minute. For other marketing channels, the length of an explainer video can be a bit longer — up to 3 minutes. We do not advise our clients to go beyond this — the risk of losing focus of your target audience becomes too high. 

Distilling the essence

After we have received the “information overload”, we begin to distil the essence. This process is tedious and requires a deep understanding of the industry that your company is in. We have made more than 320 videos for big and small companies, private businesses and public institutions in the field of health, education, culture, oil, finance, IT, transportation, construction, food, recycling, etc.

It often happens that the customer is blinded by its own knowledge and competence. Although you might find it unsettling and weird having someone from the outside looking in, in our experience, this approach is extremely fruitful. We believe it adds value to your offer.  

The result of such information distillation is a manuscript accompanied by illustrations. Our project manager works closely with the customer at this production stage. Timely feedback is crucial to ensure the production process goes smoothly.

The subtraction challenge

We have put together a simple PDF guide on how to simplify information using Zoaring’s simplification recipe. We call this process “the subtraction challenge”.

Download the PDF Guide to see what are the steps that the copywriter takes in order to distil the essence from the information “overload”. 

Download PDF Guide