How is social media changing your marketing strategy?

Importance of social media

How is social media changing your marketing strategy?

How is social media changing your marketing strategy? 1280 720 Zoaring

We don’t need to travel more than 10 years back in time to see a completely different world of communication. If you wanted to reach a big audience with your message, you had to use mass media such as TV, newspapers, magazines and radio. In most cases, using these platforms is expensive and time-consuming.

Today the way people connect, use networks and communicate has seen a drastic change since the introduction of Facebook and other social networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

These changes gave us unique possibilities. We have never had such an opportunity to engage in branding, reach the target audience and make marketing more efficient. That’s the reason why an astonishing 88% of marketers are marketing through social media this year.

It’s easy to accept that social media should be an important part of your marketing, but knowing how to use it is often more of a challenge. So how can your business use social media and digital communication to it’s benefit?

It’s important to keep in mind that we are very selective about what we bother to read and «check out» these days. The society is moving faster and your audience only cares about the information that’s relevant to them. An engaging and efficient communication tailored specifically to your target group is, therefore, more important than ever. Social media allows you to do this. It’s a low-cost and efficient way of marketing since you can reach so many of your existing and potential customers in one place.

It’s no surprise that people talk and communicate on social media. They talk with people they know and trust. Information received through social media creates credibility for the users, because they know the people they interact with. Your goal should, therefore, be to raise awareness about what you do and gain a positive word-of-mouth.

When people read an article or visit several websites they are more critical to the information they receive. Why should they take your word for anything?

If you’re running a business, they are more likely to see you as a person trying to make money rather than listening to their needs and recommending what’s actually best for them. That’s why it’s important to not just think sales, but rather that you’re going to providing your audience with relevant and interesting information that they will appreciate. This often results in efficient communication and sales.

Succeeding with your marketing through social media is all about being smart and going where your audience spends their time — to know where to be, and whom you are talking to. It’s about getting personal. It’s also important to keep in mind that visualised communication like videos and pictures are much more engaging than «updates» and links.

What makes people understand information, spread it, and talk about it to friends? Engaging content, especially video, and its appropriate presentation in the right marketing channels. Cisco reports that video traffic will take over more than 80% of all web activity by 2021. If you learn how to speak the online language that your target group understands and relates to, the opportunities are endless.