Healthcare: Zoaring’s 6 latest explainer videos

Healthcare: Zoaring’s 6 latest explainer videos 1920 1080 Zoaring

The healthcare industry often has to raise difficult topics. Therefore, marketing material is often overloaded with statistics and dry facts that lack a human element. Such content should not only educate the public but also resonate with the audience and presents evidence-based information in a simple and engaging way. This is why explainer videos work well for explaining products, services, and complex medical topics.

We have many customers within the healthcare industry: non-profit medical associations, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and governmental clients. Here is an overview of our latest videos related to health and medicine:


The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress (NKVTS) develops and spreads knowledge and competence about violence and traumatic stress. We have made a series of short animated videos explaining the concept of conversational therapy. The videos were made for people who are not familiar with the treatment — GPs and other healthcare professionals who prescribe this treatment to the patients, psychologists and psychiatrists at the district psychiatric centers as well as specialists in conversational therapy who can show the films to their patients before or during treatment. 

This series of videos are made in the 2D animation format. It was crucial that the atmosphere in the scenes — characters, elements, colors —  correlated well with the narrative and resonated with the target audience. All four episodes were produced in parallel. The films were translated into five languages: Norwegian, English, Somali, Arabic and Tigrinja.


Healthcare professionals use substantial resources to manually turn patients several times every night. A heavy, tiresome, and cost-intensive task. Tidewave solved this problem by developing a unique and smart turning mattress that automatically rotates and moves users with reduced mobility, on a self-contained time interval. The automatic and gentle procedure does not only increase the comfort, ease the pain of the user and gives them more independence — it also protects health personnel from back pains and saves tremendous costs for healthcare institutions.

We have made a short animation that explains the benefits of this invention. When it comes to the narrative, we first described the current situation that many patients, especially the elderly, have to face, and afterward focused on the primary advantages of using Tidewave. The narrative was supported by medical facts to increase credibility.

When choosing the style for the Tidewave video, we focused on simplicity and professionalism. The message that we need to convey was serious, and it was, therefore, crucial to choose a style that would compliment it in a good way. It was also crucial that the characters and the scenes were depicted as close to reality as possible. Since Tidewave planned to use the video in presentations and conferences on the international market, the voice-over was done in English.

The Norwegian ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) Association 

For a long time, the Rogaland team of the Norwegian ME Association have been working on facilitating school education for ME-sick students in secondary school and high school. They believe that this is essential for social inclusion and a better life standard.The result of their work is a toolbox with various content — Powerpoint presentation, animation films, and brochures — that will give school employees a good introduction to ME and challenges related to the disease, as well as a number of concrete suggestions for possible solutions. Some schools in the Rogaland county are planning to start using the toolbox for the first time during the autumn of 2018.  As part of the toolbox, the Rogaland team of the Norwegian ME Association purchased a Zoaring Universe package with 8 minutes. In total we have produced five videos on the following topics: 

  • General information about ME
  • Cognitive challenges
  • Legislation regarding facilitation
  • Children and teenagers with ME
  • Advertising clip for TV

Since the videos had a specific deadline, the project manager was responsible for producing two films at a time — two parallel productions. Although the videos touch upon a vulnerable topic, the production process for all videos was quite straightforward — three rounds of storyboards, voice-over, and a conventional post-production process.

It was crucial that people suffering from ME could easily relate to the narrative. The videos were produced in tight collaboration with the Association — it would not be possible to produce this content without direct insight into the life of people with ME.

All videos are drawn by the same illustrator with a simple semi-lifelike drawing style that would appeal to a wide target group — both teachers and students. Voice-over is done by a voice-over artist with a Stavanger dialect.

Here is a snippet from one of the videos. 

Roche — Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Roche is a research-focused healthcare company that specialises on pharmaceutics and diagnostics. They focus on research, medicines, and treatments in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, and neuroscience. 

One of our latest projects for Roche is a film about multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system. About 11,000 people in Norway live with MS, and each year, approximately 350-400 are diagnosed with this disease.

Talking about an illness, its symptoms and treatment is difficult for various reasons — the seriousness of the topic, the excessive amount of dry fasts and terminology, a message that can be interpreted in many ways, etc. The primary objective of this video was to explain what MS is, how MS affects the body and how the treatment works.

The narrative describes the life of a person with MS. We wanted to ensure that people who have just been diagnosed with MS would learn more about the disease, and those who have been living with the illness recognise themselves in the video. Medical facts are presented in a simple an easily-comprehensive way. 

The production process was quite standard — three rounds of storyboards, one drawing and one voice-over (Norwegian) sessions and editing. Although the video is longer than our usual productions, the viewer does not lose focus of the topic.

Kreftforeningen — Røyking

Cancer caused by smoking is an ongoing topic and Kreftforeningen (the Norwegian Cancer Association) is constantly working on research, preventive measures, information, support, advice, and lobbying on this subject. In February 2017, as part of the The fight against smoking: The definition of win-win” campaign, Kreftforeningen decided to make an explanatory scribe video that would shine a light on the consequences of smoking and the necessity to strengthen preventive measure for smoking-related cancer types.

The main challenge in making this video scribe was that the copywriters had to explain a complex idea with many facts in an engaging and easy way. It was also crucial to depict the topic with not too much sentimentality — clear facts before emotions. According to the brief, the video had to be informative and lively at the same time.

It was important to keep the mood in the video serious, but at the same time not too “dark”. The copywriter used symbolism to link the narrative with the visuals. The illustration style of the illustrator can be characterised as both good-natured and realistic. The voice-over was done by an actress from Rogaland Theatre. She has a lot of voice-over experience and could masterly highlight the right emotions in different parts of the scribe video.

The scribe video was meant to be shown for the first time on World Cancer Day, February 4, 2017.

MaxManus — Tuva

Tuva from MaxManus has become an important aid for those who can not use a keyboard and a mouse to type and control the PC. Tuva allows to complete different tasks and navigate in applications — you can press keys of your keyboard, open applications, navigate between open programs or the desktop. Tuva is designed to understand the Norwegian language (more than 200.000 words) and dialects even though you are not a native speaker, as long as you use Norwegian words.

The technology promotes employment, rather than social security. In general, this technology benefits everyone — people can produce text more than four times faster with the help of their voice than with the keyboard.

The animation video for Tuva is quite unique. The copywriter took a different approach on disability —  the main character is portrayed as a magician that requires a little help of a locksmith. The animation style resembles Disney cartoons of 1920s-1930s — simple, good-hearted drawings in black-and-white. There is no music in the animation, but sound effects to support the visuals and the narrative.  

If you are working in the healthcare sector, whether a medical association, a non-profit organisation, a pharmaceutical company, and a governmental institution, a short 3-minute explainer video could be the right communication tool for you. 

At Zoaring, we help explain complex concepts or processes in a simple way. Different formats, such as scribe videos or animations, make the learning experience efficient and engaging. For every project, our creative team simplifies information, writes an engaging narrative, develops art design as well as oversees the production, which is mostly done in-house. Having made explainer videos for more than 300 businesses and municipalities in Norway, we have the simplification expertise and insight needed to create an explainer video.

Get in touch if you are considering improving your communication — an engaging explainer video opens many doors. 

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