Explanatory scribe video: Laerdal Medical — CPR

Laerdal Medical

Explanatory scribe video: Laerdal Medical — CPR

Explanatory scribe video: Laerdal Medical — CPR 2872 1608 Zoaring

Laerdal Medical is an international market leader in training and therapy equipment for lifesaving treatment. In this scribe video, they wanted to point out the importance of a properly done CPR, since many people, even ones with extensive training, were not getting it right. When it comes to the quality CPR, the difference between right and wrong is very little. Albert Einstein said; «Everything should be made simple, but not simpler». That was our challenge for this project. How to be simple and accurate at the same time?

How to simplify a life-saving exercise in 3-minute explanatory scribe video? 

We wanted the viewer to understand the quality aspects of CPR, rather than just get stuck with specific numbers.

Laerdal — Right and wrong

The focus on measurement is a big part of Laerdal’s vision. They make truly great products for training people to perfection. By pointing towards real-time measuring gives the viewer a sense of what quality CPR is.

It’s also great feedback watching that Zoaring’s video scribe has been watched in social media and Youtube. We love when our explanatory scribe video does a good job. 

Watch the video — maybe you’ll pick up some tricks yourself? And when it comes to CPR, always remember: Practice in itself does not make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect.