Explainer video: Equine Fusion case study

Equine fusion

Explainer video: Equine Fusion case study

Explainer video: Equine Fusion case study 1920 1080 Zoaring

Equine Fusion makes modern shoes for horses. They came to Zoaring in need of explaining the missing development of traditional horse footwear, and why there is a need for a better solution.

The Zoaring solution was to produce two videos — one explainer video presenting how the development of traditional horse footwear has been at a stalemate for thousands of years and the second one explaining the functionality of Equine Fusion’s products.

Equine fusion — Taking care of horses

To make our target group understand how the horse foot works, we compared them to humans. We, humans, have a variety of shoe options to choose from depending on various conditions (weather, terrain, etc.) — the horse does not have any alternatives. We, therefore, chose to focus on the emotional side of the problem — we have to care about our horses and understand their needs.

Equine fusion — Human's first shoes with rubber sole

Afterwards, we moved on to explaining the specifics of Equine Fusion’s products.

The main challenge was to ensure that the videos could communicate the message both with and without a voice-over since it was to be used in various marketing channels. We dealt with this issue by using cartoon-style drawings with explanatory text together with the voice-over.

The Zoaring team is proud of the result and happy to see that our client is satisfied:

“Zoaring did a great job converting our vision and ideas into two really good movies. They were easy to work with and the cooperation worked out perfect.” — Equine Fusion