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Explainer scribe video: How much does it cost?

Explainer scribe video: How much does it cost? 5184 3456 Zoaring

Different companies have different goals that they want to achieve with a explainer scribe video. Whether it’s used for external or internal communication, it’s important to remember that the scribe video will represent your brand and affect the viewer. When considering the company, which will make your scribe video, your main objective is that professionalism of the scribe video reflects the professionalism of your business.

There are many different players on the scribe video market such as video production houses, freelancers, DIY animation platforms, etc. All of these alternatives have different parameters in terms of pricing, style, deadlines, etc. In this post, we will look at different options from a cost perspective.

Budget: $10.00 — $1,000

DIY Animation platforms

This alternative would suit businesses with a small budget. Some of the DIY animation platforms require a monthly subscription, which means that you’d be bound to a service even if you’re not using it. Such subscription would give you access to pre-drawn characters, shapes, music and sound effects. The client’s team will have to perform most of the creative work itself or outsource certain tasks.


Before starting the pre-production process, it’s important to know what are the possibilities of the platform, so you can adjust your storyboard accordingly. Your team has to ensure that all materials required for production are ready. With regards to the objectives and stylistic preferences, your team has to write the script and think of the drawings — basically put together the storyboard.


Although the platform may be user-friendly, it will still require some time to learn all the tricks. You will have to do the production yourself and implement the design ideas according to the storyboard as well as edit the project using the tools available on the platform. Although these DIY platforms might have an extensive graphic library, all of the objects on the platform will be pre-designed, which will result in a video, which is lacking uniqueness and authenticity. Since you are doing most of the work yourself and there are very few external variables, you will be completely in control of the deadlines.


In terms of music, your only option is copyright-free songs from the web. As for the voiceover, you will also have to do it yourself. As an alternative, you can download a voice recording from your smartphone and put over the video. These DIY animation platforms often have very limited editing and synchronisation options.

Budget: $1,000 — $4,000


This options would suit companies that have a medium-size budget. When it comes to freelancers, the prices for their work varies significantly, but is usually lower than for scribe videos made by production companies. When working with a freelancer, you should also expect to be involved in the production process and do some of the work yourself. In order to find the right freelancers, take a look at some of the creative platforms like Fiverr. Here you can review freelancer’s previous works as well as read testimonials of other clients.


In the pre-production phase, you will have to write the script. This process can be challenging and time-consuming. If you need the information to be simplified, it may be necessary to use the services of a freelance copywriter or creative writer to make sure that the script is exactly what you need it to be.


The animator will make all the drawings according to your script. Most probably some questions will appear during the production process. These will require your attention. The artist will give the client an estimate of the production time, based on the length of the video.


The video will be edited and synchronised with the voiceover or background music of your choice. It all depends on your initial agreement — the client may decide to voice the video with their own means. Remember that usually, freelancers have a limited number of edits or changes that they offer to their clients.

Budget: $5,000 — $10,000

Video production company (one similar to Zoaring)

There are many things to consider when choosing a video production company, but similar to other companies, at Zoaring our clients can choose individual projects or purchase package deals (we call them ‘Universe’), all of which come at a fixed price. Video production companies such as Zoaring have extensive experience and sufficient resources to produce professional scribe video that would meet your objectives and expectations. At Zoaring on an average, we produce a scribe video within 4-5 weeks.


The pre-production process consists of a creative meeting, where we collect all the possible information about the project/product/service. We discuss the objectives of the scribe video, it’s length, style of animation and voiceover, the place where the video will be used, etc. We help you simplify the information and think of the best way to present it to the audience.

First of all, using all the gathered information the copywriter writes up the script. At Zoaring we are experts in explaining and simplifying the information. It is our responsibility to distill the essence from the information overload provided by the client.

Afterwards, the project manager discusses the script with the illustrator and creates the first storyboard, which is sent to the client. In order to ensure that we have reached the objectives we ask our client for feedback that is used to improve the storyboard if necessary. The pre-production process usually consists of three rounds of storyboards. We often use humour, symbolism, and allegories in the script to make the scribe video more engaging and understandable.


We have a number of different illustrators, each with hers/his style. Depending on the content and purpose of the video, we choose an illustrator that best fits all criteria. After the storyboard has been confirmed by the client, the illustrator creates drawings that support the script.

At the same time, a professional voiceover artist voices the film. It is important to consider what language, accent and dialect are appropriate for each scribe video. Very often we use music to set a certain tone in the video.

We have an individual approach to every client and pay very close attention to all components so that they create an integral and unique experience for the viewer. For every video that we make our main objective is to increase the efficiency of the learning process.


In the post-production stage, a professional editor will edit the video, the voiceover and the music, adjust the colours, etc. Feedback is essential in this phase. We make sure that every client is happy with the video and believes that this was a good investment.

Now you know what are the benefits and pitfalls of the alternatives for scribe production for different budgets. When selecting a company to produce an explainer scribe video, it is crucial to keep in mind that the final result will affect your company’s image. Choose wisely!

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