Environmental explainer video: “REMA 1000 Palm oil” Case study

Rema 100 products without palm oil

Environmental explainer video: “REMA 1000 Palm oil” Case study

Environmental explainer video: “REMA 1000 Palm oil” Case study 1868 1022 Zoaring

REMA 1000 is a multinational supermarket chain with more than 440 supermarkets in Scandinavia. The chain has a strong corporate social responsibility policy, which focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions to manufacturing and selecting products for its stores.  

In 2014, REMA 1000 has removed palm oil as an ingredient from all its food products as well as requested that its suppliers follow the palm oil phase-out plan. In addition, REMA 1000 would also refrain from cooperation with new suppliers that make products containing palm oil. However, not many people know why we should really avoid buying products that contain palm oil.

Rema 100 products without palm oil

Why we made a an explainer video?

REMA 1000 wanted to make an environmental explainer video that would shine a light on its palm-oil-free policy and why it no longer adds palm oil to the food it produces. This film aimed to educate its buyers about the consequences of buying products containing palm oil.

For many years there has been a misconception that the reason why we shouldn’t buy food containing palm oil is that it’s dangerous for our health. In reality, palm oil is absolutely safe for consumption, but its production causes enormous damage to our environment, causing deforestation, CO2 emission, loss of habitat for flora and fauna, poverty, etc.   

The production of making the explainer video

The explainer video production process was quite straightforward — a creative meeting, one round of storyboards, drawing session, voiceover and sound session (sound of the rainforest, animals, etc.). The copywriter had a close dialogue with the client throughout the production process and made small adjustments to the explainer in the post-production phase. The explainer video was supposed to be used on the company’s website, social media and other digital media distribution channels.

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In order to find more about the production process of the environmental explainer video for REMA 1000, download the case study below.

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