Corporate explainer video: “Vince XL” Case study

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Corporate explainer video: “Vince XL” Case study

Corporate explainer video: “Vince XL” Case study 1920 1080 Zoaring

Vince is a strong player on the M3 market with competence in M3 consulting, usability and architecture. The company was founded in 2010 by former senior consultants and developers, who have been working with M3 for decades. Vince’s main aim is to transfer their business knowledge into value for their M3 customers by add-on products and services.

Problem | Dry and difficult data-related topic

One of their main products is Vince Excel, a software used in sales, supply chain and accounting to handle and maintain all the relevant data in one Excel sheet on top of an ERP. The software allows you to import the data from ERP, edit in Excel and export the edits straight to the point. Such data-related subjects can be quite dry and difficult to comprehend. The topics containing many technical terms are especially tricky to work with.

Graphs and charts

Solution | Fun and engaging explainer video

The company wanted to make a corporate explainer video that would convey the benefits of using Vince XL in an easy and engaging way. 

To find out more about how we made an interesting corporate explainer video on a topic that can be rather flat and tedious, download the case study below.

Download Case Study

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