Company explainer video: “Kartverket” Case study


Company explainer video: “Kartverket” Case study

Company explainer video: “Kartverket” Case study 1920 1080 Zoaring

In Norway most people have heard about Kartverket. At the same time — a lot of people don’t really know what it is they actually do, and how their work affects us in our daily lives. They had a PowerPoint presentation that tried to explain what Kartverket is all about, but it was long and not that effective anymore. So they came to us with the need for a video that could explain the complicated and important job they do, in a simple and engaging manner. An explainer video that would make people realize that the job they do doesn’t only consist of making maps. It’s actually a community service that everyone in Norway benefits from, without us even knowing it.

It was also important to communicate that their work has been digitalized, and that they are evolving together with technology.  They wanted people to get involved in this new digital landscape that they had created, and invite them to use their data, but also share their own. In this way everyone could participate in a creative and innovative collaboration that could potentially create new and exciting solutions.

We used Kartverkets expertise on what they do, and our expertise on simplifying. The narrative is both interesting and educational , and illustrations work as an amplifier to the voice-over. This resulted in a three minute video that communicates the complexity of what Kartverket does, in a engaging and simple way, and will teach the target group a lot more than a PowerPoint ever would.

After watching this explainer video the target group will realize how important Kartverkets work is, and how valuable geographic information is to our society. The possibilities are endless with this new digital landscape, and hopefully the video will contribute to people wanting to take a part in it. Both Zoaring and Kartverket are very happy with this creative collaboration.

To find more information about the production process, download the Karverket case study. 

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