Communicate effectively: It’s not what you said, but how you said it

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Communicate effectively: It’s not what you said, but how you said it

Communicate effectively: It’s not what you said, but how you said it 1919 736 Zoaring

It’s a true art to communicate effectively. And no, we haven’t transcribed the last 26 arguments you had with your better – or other – half. And this is not a gentle way of saying that it doesn’t matter what your message is. The research on communication does, however, show that the way how a message is perceived directly relates to paralinguistic and nonverbal cues, such as tone of voice and other, more aesthetically anchored elements. Although this knowledge has been around for quite some time in the communication business, it is often under-communicated and underestimated. This happens primarily because experts find it difficult to quantify and objectify nonverbal cues. Likability doesn’t seem like the most tangible of traits. Neither does sincerity.

You probably shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, you can make the cover look damn good.

Here at Zoaring, our main objective is to simplify your message and ensure that you communicate effectively. We are experts at finding the essence of who you are and presenting it in a simple, cool and effective way. A portfolio of more than 350 scribe videos for companies such as Shell, Tine, University of Stavanger, Equine Fusion, Laerdal Medical – and a whole bunch of successful companies – proves that.

There is an obvious common thread in our production line: all that we produce is in scribe video format. And we didn’t end up with scribe videos by chance. It might seem like a naive way of presenting information, but we can assure you: it’s an extremely effective communication tool.

Scribe videos are something completely different from your average corporate videos. And we all know that most corporate videos aren’t associated with such words as ‘sincere’ or ‘likable’. The scribe format changes the way you communicate. It challenges you to think differently about how you communicate. Scribe videos might seem like a cynical take on the communication process. However, by using this rather ‘innocent’ format, we successfully avoid several major pitfalls, make sure that you know how to communicate effectively and that your message is delivered.

By pitfalls, we mean generic content, low quality and boring ways of telling the story of your company. And if you manage to achieve the desired result, it’s because it comes with an astronomical price tag.

These are not the standards we believe our clients deserve.

The aesthetics of scribe videos is one of its biggest advantages. We break down complex concepts and processes into simple and cool drawings. It’s an effective way of learning.

Internal or external communications: it doesn’t matter. We truly believe that the ability to communicate effectively is a vital skill. That’s why our videos are used in social media, for internal communications and even as cinema advertising.

The essence

Zoaring’s creative team have put together some essential guidelines that will help you communicate more effective.