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Business storytelling technique: The art of subtraction

Business storytelling technique: The art of subtraction 3127 1765 Zoaring

The Zoaring team is an expert at business storytelling via scribe videos — subtracting the most relevant pieces of information and making it understandable to a wide range of audiences. But what skills and mindset do you need to simplify information for scribe videos for business?

Information overload

In the first creative meeting with our clients, we ask them to give us an information overload. Pretty much allthe information they have on their hands. Some of it is more important than other. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether or not it directly relates to the specific subject.

Creative storytelling in business is an important part of communication. Regardless of whether the client wants to communicate to an external audience, or internally, we know how difficult it is to evaluate which parts of the story, and what elements, are important to the targeted audience. Working closely with something over time, often leave you nearsighted.

“Unlike a lot of other creatives, our nightmare isn’t the blank page, but one that is overcrowded with relevant (and often irrelevant) details.”

What information to include?

After the first creative meeting, we prepare the information that will be used for the manuscript of the scribe video. We take this overfilled page and start stripping away the excess information, which is irrelevant for the targeted viewer. Having someone from the outside looking in, might seem like a somewhat scary and strange concept. However, in our experience, this symbiotic relationship creates a lot of added value for the client and leads to good results.

In this age of information overload, you are much more likely to succeed if you know what information to include in your short message, and what to leave out. You only have a few seconds to convey your story and convince your target audience to engage in further interaction. This time should be used wisely.

At Zoaring, we make scribe videos to simplify information and sharpen your message. Animation videos, as one of the business storytelling techniques, help businesses communicate more efficiently. Simplicity is the key to building stronger corporate cultures, strengthening a brand and engaging with new or existing customers. 

Want to learn how to simplify information? 

We have put together a simple PDF guide on how we at Zoaring simplify information that the client provided us with on the first creative meeting. We call this process “the Subtraction Challenge”. Check out what the simplification process entails and the steps that the copywriter takes in order to distill the essence from the information overload. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Download PDF Guide