5 latest explainer videos for the energy industry

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5 latest explainer videos for the energy industry

5 latest explainer videos for the energy industry 1920 1080 Zoaring

At Zoaring, we have a broad client portfolio. We help many different companies simplify their message — startups, medium-sized businesses, big corporations, and of course, governmental institutions. Some of our customers are in the energy sector. These are often power-related businesses, drilling companies, firms offering IT solutions, rig services, and many others. Among our clients are companies such as Fjordkraft, Aker BP, MHWirth, Skagerak Energi, Geodata, Wellbarrier, and Shell, to name a few.

All of these companies have one thing in common — they needed our help in simplifying their message to make sure it successfully reaches their target audience and encouraged people to take action.  However, the way to achieving this goal is different. Some clients need a video to promote their services that they can show on their website, while others use our expertise to strengthen their company culture or implement a new system. 

Here are some of our latest projects in the energy sector:

“Klimanjaro” for Fjordkraft 

This explainer video for Fjordkraft gives an overview of the Paris Climate Agreement, Fjordkraft’s climate initiative “Klimanjaro” and the company’s contribution to carbon neutrality. The film illustrates how carbon neutrality gives companies a competitive advantage.

Video introducing Workplace by Facebook at Skagerak Energi (video in Norwegian)

This film was produced when Skagerak Energi was implementing Workplace by Facebook, a tool to improve communication among employees and exchange of knowledge between the various departments. The objective of the video was to explain how Workplace works and to encourage employees to use the new software and explore its possibilities. To connect better with the target audience, the voiceover was done by the CEO of the company.  

Concept film for Wellbarrier

This video was made to illustrate the advantages of using Wellbarrier’s solutions to define the well barriers and visualize how the wells are safeguarded. As a common meeting place for engineers and managers, this digital solution offers standardization and consistent visualizations that helps assess risk and maintain focus on the right areas.

As for any video explaining a tech solution, it was essential to make sure that the message was simple and focused on the benefits of the product without making the story too technical.  

Concept video for Well Construction Factory by MHWirth (video in Norwegian)

This explainer video was made for MHWirth to illustrate the benefits of using Well Construction Factory, a digital platform with an open interface for suppliers and various systems operating in well construction. The video shortly explains the difficulty of the current way of planning drilling and drill floor automation. It also lays out the advantages of the solution, such as sustainable automation, seamless integration, and fast collaboration among all stakeholders on all levels. 

With the above examples of energy-related explainer video, it’s evident that energy companies are rapidly integrating videos into their marketing and sales strategies. If you are considering creating such videos, it’s good to start with a brief of what audience you are targeting, the tone of voice and style of illustration for the film. 

At Zoaring, we help you explain complex concepts or processes in a simple way. Different formats, such as scribe videos or animation, make the learning experience efficient and engaging. For every project our creative team develops the concept and art design as well as oversees the production, which is mostly done in-house. Having made explainer videos for more than 300 businesses in Norway, we have the simplification expertise and insight needed to create an animated explainer video to achieve the desired objective. Get in touch if you are considering improving your external communication — a short and engaging explainer video opens many doors. 

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