4 reasons to spend your 2018 communication budget on explainer videos

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4 reasons to spend your 2018 communication budget on explainer videos

4 reasons to spend your 2018 communication budget on explainer videos 1920 1080 Zoaring

Every year you set up a budget for both external and internal communication, a financial plan for marketing your services and products that create value for your customers, and another one for improving communication within your company. You continuously evaluate your efforts, analyse the ROI and make adjustments to perform better in the next period. Around October, you’ll probably make a thorough analysis of this year’s communication achievements and struggles in order to determine how much of the budget is left and find good use for the remaining amount.

We have put together a few reasons why it’s smart to spend your remaining 2018 communication budget on producing an explainer video:

1. The power of video content continues to grow

Images work better than words, and videos work better than images. This has been proven by numerous studies over the last five years. According to Forbes, 59% of decision-makers prioritize watching a video in comparison to reading an article or a blog post. HubSpot claims that 39% of decision-makers, who have watched a branded video, get in touch with a vendor. 9 out of 10 customers say that product videos help them decide whether to buy or not to buy a specific product. These statistics prove that the power of video content keeps on growing. Don’t lose your competitive edge by ignoring this media.

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2. Scribe videos = timeless content

Certain types of videos come in and out of fashion as a response to global communication trends. As time passes, live videos can easily become irrelevant and outdated. This does not apply to hand-drawn explainer videos. Scribe videos, detailed architectural drawings, and sketch-like illustrations do not lose their appeal with time. 

3. Simplicity is the key

Simplicity and engagement are the primary objectives in video production, whether the video is used for presenting a product or service, strengthening a brand, building a strong culture within a company or engaging with new or existing clients. For this reason, the process of simplification at Zoaring makes up for two-thirds of the video production process.   Explainer videos save time by conveying the message faster and make sure that there is little room for interpretations, which is a good thing in business communication.

Simplifying complex ideas

4. Endless possibilities

External communication

If you intend to maintain and strengthen your presence within your industry, make sure you can communicate your offer or service in an engaging and understandable way. A marketing explainer video gives you the possibility to explain what your company does best. With concise wording and appealing visuals, scribe videos clarify how your product or service helps the potential client meet their needs. Besides, a video drives recognition of your company and builds brand awareness.

Google loves video. According to the latest improvements in the Google algorithm, one of the key factors that influences your SEO ranking is the time users spend on your page. Explainer videos are not only engaging content, but also a great way boost up SEO of your landing page. Moovely states that you have 53 times more chances of ending up on the 1st page of a Google search if you have a video embedded on your webpage.

Internal communication

The primary goal of informing is to encourage action. Internal communication must involve and motivate your team to go above and beyond. The days when it was OK for work to be boring are over. A recent study by PGi showed that 88% of millennials want to work in “a fun and social work environment.” A workplace is supposed to be both fun and productive, and this also concerns internal communication. This is when scribe videos come into play — they explain a topic that is complex and dry in an engaging and entertaining way, making your audience understand and remember the message. 

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Developing and strengthening a business culture is a long-term process with the right tools and channels in place. Your mission, values, and goals should be communicated in an easy-to-digest way for them to be understood and acted upon. A scribe video is a great tool to present your company’s vision and values, onboard new employees or explain recent routine changes. 

All in all, we must have the same approach to communication with employees as marketers have with the customers. 

Are explainer videos currently a part of your communication strategy? If not, it’s a great investment in improving both your internal and external communication.

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