4 latest explainer videos focusing on smart city solutions


4 latest explainer videos focusing on smart city solutions

4 latest explainer videos focusing on smart city solutions 1920 1080 Zoaring

As technology evolves, cities are becoming smarter, more responsive, offering citizens a better quality of life. Smart city development touches upon various industries — traffic, healthcare, education, among others. Many of our customers are striving to provide city residents with better services. We, on our side, help our clients simplify their message and present it in an engaging way that encourages people to take action. 

Here are some of the recent videos that we made explaining smart city solutions:

Greater Stavanger | Triangulum (Video in Norwegian with English subtitles)

This explainer video was made for Greater Stavanger, one of three partner-cities of the Triangulum project, Europe’s largest innovation and research project. Stavanger, Manchester, and Eindhoven are the first cities in Europe that are chosen to develop smart and innovative solutions for the future sustainable cities. This film aimed to shine the light on the project and its benefits for the local communities.

Here are some of the specifics of the video production process. An illustrator with a real-life style created the drawings for this explainer video. Since the video targeted viewers in Stavanger, a voice-over artist with a Rogaland’s dialect voiced the film. On the other hand, the video was texted with English subtitles because the project is international and the video was intended for presentations, local and international conferences, etc. 

Stavanger kommune | Innbyggerinvolvering (Video in Norwegian)

This explainer video was made together with Stavanger kommune to explain what methods the municipality employees can use to involve the residents and businesses of Stavanger in their projects. This video was meant as inspiration and motivation. The storyline is built on a hypothetical scenario, where Peder received an assignment to help develop a good living environment and increase local engagement in Hillevåg. Peder completed his task with the help of different tools and involved the local community in improving the neighborhood.

This film was created based on an example that municipality employees could easily relate to. The illustrator drew cute illustrations portraying the diversity of the Hillevåg community, while an artist with a Stavanger dialect did the voice-over. 

Kolumbus | Morgendagens reise (Video in Norwegian)

The client for this explainer video is Kolumbus, a public transport service operating in Rogaland, which aims to be a driving force for innovation in public transportation. The company is putting significant effort and resources into developing solutions that ensure a seamless experience for both county citizens and visitors.

For this project, our objective was to produce a video that would explain how Kolumbus saw the future of transportation. The company is working on numerous great solutions, but it was important to illustrate the ones that the audience would best relate to. We focused on explaining the advancements in the planning and paying for the travel, the possibilities of tracking the benefits of using public transportation, etc. For this film, we chose an illustrator, who had a cartoonish drawing style and a voice-over artist with a local dialect to make the story even more appealing to the target audience.

HjemJobbHjem (Video in English with English subtitles)

Did you know that 64% of all employees in the Rogaland region drive to and from work alone every day? We made this video for the solution called HjemJobbHjem – Home-Work-Home, a service targeting businesses and inspiring employees to change the way that they travel to and from work. Staff members were encouraged to use public transportation and city bikes instead of driving to work. The script for this video is informative and based on facts that support the demand for this service. The film was voiced in several languages — Norwegian, Swedish and English. 

If you are working on developing smart city solutions, a short 1-minute explainer video could be the right communication tool for you. 

At Zoaring, we help explain complex concepts or processes in a simple way. Different formats, such as scribe videos or animation, make the learning experience efficient and engaging. For every project, our creative team develops the concept and art design as well as oversees the production, which is mostly done in-house. Having made explainer videos for more than 300 businesses in Norway, we have the simplification expertise and insight needed to create an explainer video to achieve the desired objective. Get in touch, if you are considering improving your communication — an engaging explainer video opens many doors. 

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