Wavetrain — Telling a technical story

Working with a new client is always interesting. We don’t know the people nor the outcome of the project. That’s why the first creative meeting always come out as intense, with all the info we’re trying to understand in a short meeting.

Luckily our experience provides us with standardised procedures for this. With Wavetrain I quickly understood that we needed a storytelling base for explaining the technical solution. I threw some ideas on the table. One of them about two tomatoes crossing rail tracks. The meeting attendees laughed, and I did too. Even though it didn’t end up in the movie, it made it easy to proceed with the brainstorming. The result became «Two train robbers waiting along a rail track…»

Then it was the technical part. The people at Wavetrain were really good pitching their solutions technical side, so we could quickly move on to play around with ideas on how to visualize it. 

The tricky part is finding the essence, and leave out information that isn’t necessary for the target group. This is where Zoaring’s expertise in simplifying comes in, helping to sharpen the communication and produce a catchy video. Watch for yourself above.

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