Avantor case study

Avantor is a real estate agency based in Oslo. They came to Zoaring wanting to change people’s perception about the area Nydalen in Oslo. Most people were under the impression that Nydalen was far away, hard to get to and that there was nothing going on out there. Of course, with trendy Nydalen growing as never before, this is far from the truth. With a Zoaring movie, they wanted to show people that this was nothing but a myth.

When we started we were a bit inspired by the mythbusters. We had to bust a myth with this movie. We decided to start by presenting the myth, and then presenting the evidence that would show people that the myth doesn't hold ground in real life.

Zoaring decided that it would be effective to compare Nydalen to popular areas in Oslo to show the target group that it is not far away. We chose a place that is perceived to be a lot closer to the city centre, Tjuvholmen. It takes about the same time to get to Nydalen with the train from the National Theatre, as it takes to walk to Tjuvholmen from the National Theatre. So it took about the same time, only with two different ways of getting there. We therefore decided to focus on the positive things about taking the train instead of walking. The target group would have more time to do other things - like surf the internet, check their emails, meet new people, take a nap or play games. 

We also presented fun statistics to show the target group that it is not hard to get there, and it does not take a lot of time. The train leaves to Nydalen every 5 minutes, so we decided to show them how much time they would have left of their day even if they commute there. All that time not spent commuting could be spent on one of the many leisure activities in Nydalen. Like going to the gym, shopping at the new and wonderful mall, having a cold beer at the Nydalen Brewery or even taking a swim in the beautiful Akerselva. In this way we were able to show the target group just how many possibilities there are in Nydalen, and busting the myth about nothing going on out there.

All in all we wanted to show the target group that Nydalen is a up and coming, trendy, safe, green and glamorous place, for both living and working. With facts, a little bit exaggeration and humor, we busted the myth about Nydalen. It is not far away, it is not hard to get to and there is a lot going on out there.

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