Quality or Price - what will give you the best return on investment?

A big insecurity for any business about to make an investment is to know which company they should go for as their provider. We often receive a lot of different offers and quotations. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Some require a lot of time involved from you, some do not. How do know which one to choose to ensure the best return on investment for your company? Well, there’s really no right or wrong answer, but we want to share some guidelines that will help you make a good decision so your investment takes you closer to your goal.

Price is often a huge decision making factor. Take Zoaring for instance. We make videoscribbles to help our customers communicate their message in a simple and engaging manner. The product we deliver to our customers is a video, usually around two minutes long. Some people point out that you can order a videoscribble from India for a much cheaper price, or order it from fiverr.com and hope for the best. Zoaring is far from expensive but to create a video we have to do a lot of work to ensure that our customers get the result they want. In fact 2/3 of our process is actually simplifying and working on the content, while using the customers expertise. We have made over 150 films for businesses all over Europe, and based on our customer survey and reviews they are really happy with the result. I regularly talk with companies that have invested in videos from both America and India to get a cheaper price. A surprisingly high number of them tell me that they did not get what they needed, and that the video received was far from their expectations. Why does this happen, and how can this be avoided?

The key to make a good decision is to ask about the process. Does the process include you and your company in a satisfying way? Do you get to give enough feedback? Do you feel that you know what they will deliver without any unpleasant surprises? Does some of your insecurities disappear when you hear about their quality assurance process?

How the companies you are in contact with will deliver the product or service to you is often the one thing that will give you a good or bad return on investment. Another clever thing to do is to call or send an email to one of their customers and ask for their opinion. They have been through the process before and are most likely happy to share their experience with you.

The price is not the one thing that will make your company richer or poorer. The price is often decided based on the process of delivering good return on investment, so that is the one thing you should give the most thought.

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